Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For our friends in the South

Father Hollywood wrote this post on Saturday so I couldn't resist taking a photo of this. I had never seen this before we moved here to the frozen north.
Yes, yesterday we got a car wash when it was 18 degrees above zero. The receipt says "Car wash may be closed when temperature drops below 10 degrees F. " Notice the word MAY be closed? We were happy it was warm enough to get all the mud washed off our minivan from the work they did here in town. We probably missed our chance to get Ram's car washed for awhile now with current weather predictions.

On this Tuesday evening it is currently 7 above but it feels like -25. It is supposed to get down to -4 and feel like -31. What a difference a day makes. We received a little snow today and a little more is predicted. It is never a good sign for me when the weather forecast has the word frigid in it!

I noticed at the post office today that all the women walking to the post office had on light jackets and no hats or gloves. For true northerners, it's not that cold yet. The weather didn't stop us from making a trip about an hour away to get Lamb 2's hearing tested and for Ram to visit a member in the hospital there. The roads had snow blowing over them and it was on the route to the hospital where we had Lamb 1 so it reminded me of that trip which was also a snow storm.

When we got home we turned the heat up a little and the Lambs put their swim trunks on and spread blankets out on the floor and pretended to go swimming. This was their entertainment because we wouldn't allow them to go outside and play in the snow. Our family rule is no playing outside when the wind chill is below 0. They just played outside the other day when it was in the low 20s.

It's cold enough now that we have to be prepared to open our garage door manually-when it gets too cold it won't open with the garage door opener. We also have to be prepared to wait to get hot water out of the faucet. When it gets super cold we have to look outside by our water meter-if a red light is on then there won't be hot water. When Lamb 1 was a baby, I went to give him a bath and thought our water heater was broken. When we called the parsonage trustee he said it was cold and to wait. I didn't understand that statement until it happened a few times.

After growing up in Indiana, I will always prefer weather like I grew up with. This northern weather is too cold for me. But I do like a little snow and a change of seasons like Indiana. But after 6 1/2 years here, I have learned to live with the cold. I'm just glad I'm married and I have someone else to shovel and except for Sunday mornings to start the car and scrape the car when it is needed! I'm looking forward to a few years more when the Lambs can start helping with those tasks too.

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