Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lamb 1 on his 5th birthday-celebration supper of his choice-meatloaf, sweet potato fries, and corn.

Lamb 1 turns 6 years old tomorrow. Recently people at church and in our local community and my sister have talked about how surprised they are that he is 6 tomorrow. I didn't really think about it until I started hearing those comments. The time went quickly! One of my bridesmaids had a baby boy named Joshua on March 2. She had a c-section because he was breech. Everything went well. It has been fun to remember what it was like to have Lamb 1 by looking at their photos. Her Joshua was just a few ozs smaller than Lamb 1. He was born about 15 minutes after Lamb 1. Many things are really similar for her Joshua and for Lamb 1 which makes it fun to remember 6 years ago.

Last year before Lamb 1's birthday, I posted his birth story. I also posted some photos of him. I looked and I was a bad Mama-I never posted photos of his birthday last year! I'll have to do better this year. My sister is here visiting. On Tuesday we went to the Twin Cities (4 hours) to get her from the airport. Yesterday was a busy day that I will post about later. Today the Lambs took Aunt Hannah to the local cafe for breakfast. Today we are going to make a cake for Lamb 1 and Aunt Hannah has to wrap his presents because she couldn't bring wrapped presents on the plane. For his birthday, Lamb 1 has to go to the eye doctor for a checkup and then we'll celebrate with a dinner for him. It is great to have Aunt Hannah here to celebrate with us.

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Joelle said...

Happy birthday J! One of our godsons has a birthday tomorrow also. He will be turning 8. Hope you have a fun celebration!