Thursday, March 18, 2010


We listen to the vocabulary CD that came with Prima Latina, but we don't do the bookwork. I feel a little guilty since I still have my vocabulary lists from when I was teaching at Zion and maybe I should be doing more Latin with my boys. But so far, it has been enough for our 6 and 3 1/2 year old to just listen to the vocabulary. Hopefully we will add more Latin including bookwork next year.
Last night on the way to church we listened to the Latin CD. We were doing a review of a few lessons and then started a new lesson. The first lesson we reviewed had unda (wave) as a vocabulary word. You can imagine my surprise when Lamb 3 started waving his hand frantically to try to get our attention. It wasn't that kind of wave, but at least we know Lamb 3 is paying attention to Latin when we do it with the other Lambs!
Lamb 1 and 2 have always done more than just repeat the Latin and English words on the CD. While the CD is playing, they quickly repeat the words and then they make up a sentence with the Latin word. For example they would say "cena=dinner, we are going to church to eat cena" "patria=country, our church is in the patria". Both Lamb 1 and 2 do this.
They were thrilled to learn the numbers in Latin in their vocabulary last night. The lesson we were on just did 1-5 so of course we had to listen to a little of the next lesson to learn 6 since Lamb 1 just turned 6. Today when we listened to the Sing the Faith CD, they said the Latin numers of the commandments. I don't remember learning numbers in Latin when I was teaching so I'm learning this along with the Lambs.
In April, Lamb 1 and 2 will attend Spanish class once a week. It will be interesting to hear them during Spanish class-I'm sure they will try to tell the teacher the Latin words are similar to the Spanish words. The teacher teaches the entire class without ever speaking one word of English. It will be interesting how she handles the Lambs, especially if they try their vocabulary pattern that they do with Latin during Spanish class.

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