Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Sisters Tea

We went to pick up my sister from the airport a week ago Tuesday. We had a long day shopping after we picked her up (Costco and groceries etc.). The next day I had our babysitter come and we went to the town 15 miles away and had high tea. It was great to have some sister time without the Lambs (and Ram). It was fun to get dressed up for the tea. Unfortunately I caught the cold that everyone else in the family had had before me so I blew my nose through the whole tea time. It was still fun even with a cold.

The morning of the tea I decided to clean out my closet and remove all my nursing clothes. This turned out to be a bad idea because I was overwhelmed with nothing to wear. My sister finally agreed that I should wear this black skirt and red top. Then she helped me shop online for an Easter dress. She thinks I need to do some serious clothes shopping. I had very nice nursing dresses but nothing non-nursing in a size that fits. It's easier to say to go clothes shopping than to actually do it-I never find anything I like whether I am shopping online or at the mall. Add in that we live 3 hours from the mall and it gets even more complicated. I can sew, but I haven't set up my sewing supplies (or unpacked them) since we moved here almost 7 years ago. It would be a major project to find everything to sew something for myself. If shopping keeps being so difficult, I may have to do that major project whether I want to or not.

Two Sisters Tea Room just opened on Valentine's Day. We were their first high tea customers! We had finger sandwiches, cantaloupe, oranges, watermelon, grapes, brownie dessert, banana pudding dessert, chocolate covered strawberries, and of course the tea of our choice. It was delicious! Hannah is allergic to strawberries so we brought them home for the Lambs. All that fruit was a special treat for us during winter time. We didn't make it back before it was time to take our babysitter home, so Ram was nice enough to take her home so we had more sister time.

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Joelle said...

how fun!! If you fly here again sometime to visit your in-laws, we can go clothes shopping together. I don't like to go either. There are some great resale shops I like to go to around here. I don't like paying full price - I'm too cheap! Hope you're able to find some clothes you like soon!