Friday, March 26, 2010

My doctor appointment

We drove 2 hours one way and I spent less than 30 minutes with the doctor. He explained the different lab tests they can do. Unfortunately since the tests are sent to Mayo, the tests could not be done on Friday. They have to be done early in the week, in the morning so there is time to send them to Mayo. He was trying to figure out how I could get the lab work done closer to home. The nurse explained how expensive these tests are and how important it was to get them done in the morning etc. I decided then that I would rather go back to their lab instead of risking the local lab messing it up. So I will make the 4 hour round trip on Monday by myself to get the lab work done.
Ram and I are also both going to take some antibiotics. There is the possibility that one of us has an infection. It's cheaper and easier to treat with a low dose antibiotic than to test both of us for all the infections. If I get pregnant again I am to take a baby aspirin daily too.
The doctor's attitude (although he wasn't this blunt) was that I've had the same number of pregnancies as miscarriages so assuming that my labs come back normal (and he assumes they will because I had 3 births), that Ram and I should just keep trying. When I first heard this, I thought this was a terrible "plan" for a pro-life family to have. But Ram doesn't see it that way. He sees it as there is only so much a doctor can do and so much we can afford. The doctor is doing what he can do now to run these lab tests. He is doing something. But there is also much about miscarriage that doctors don't know and can't do anything about. If the lab tests come back with a problem they can treat, they will do something about that. But if the lab tests come back normal, then the best we can do is keep trying.
We are getting a tax refund. I have no idea how much insurance will pay for these tests, so our tax refund may be spent on this. We also received more bills today-one for x-rays of my sprained foot last May and one for my recent ultrasounds for miscarriage. I think it will be a long time before these medical bills are finished.
I did not know where this doctor was located so we all went today. Lamb 3 threw up on the way to the doctor. He had only had milk before he threw up. The Lambs and Ram stayed in the car while I went into the doctor. Then we ate lunch and got some pedialyte at Walmart (which was a pain because they were renovating the Walmart and nothing was in the right place) and came home. Lamb 3 is much better and he took a long nap this afternoon. We'll try to encourage him to drink the pedialyte and liquids. I'm waiting for my turn to get the flu now...
I was very hopeful about this doctor appointment. It was clear to me that I am still to do baby steps. Step 1: Get these labs done on Monday. Step 2: Wait several weeks for the labs to come back and for the doctor to write me a letter about the results. Step 3: Try not to worry about step 1 and 2 while I'm waiting. Step 4: I can't do step 4 until step 1 and 2 are done, so don't worry about it yet.

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