Saturday, March 13, 2010

Scrapbook supplies

Our babysitter came yesterday and I decided to use the time to try to get my scrapbook stuff organized. I don't have very much time to scrapbook and I end up wasting a lot of time looking for supplies instead of scrapbooking. It was more out of control than I thought so yesterday was just the beginning of my organization. I'll have to work on it a little each night after the boys go to bed and when my babysitter comes back on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll finish before my parents come at Easter so they have a guest bed to sleep on!
I've already filled a trash can of trash and 2 grocery bags to give away. Ram's mom is very generous with gifts of scrapbooking stuff for me, but I can't possibly use all this in my lifetime. Plus my grandma taught me to be a pack rat and in the case of scrapbooking, I think this paper cost money, if I save this scrap it might be useful for another page. But I have entirely too much and that scrap will never be used if I can't find it. I also think about if we move, I only want to move the important stuff.
I also can't throw anything from the boys away and how much stuff to scrapbook has multiplied in the last 6 years. I need to go through all of it because they are boys and they won't care about 3/4 of this stuff I'm saving to scrapbook nor do I have time to scrapbook all of it. If I have time, I'm good about cropping and choosing photos to scrapbook. But I have a hard time deciding what to do with cards and other memorabilia.
Plus I have tons of picture frames and many of them are breakable so I haven't put them out because I don't want the Lambs to break them. I'm also trying to go through the picture frames and choose what I really want to keep (even if it is to use later) and put photos in them and put them up. A few weeks ago I needed a frame for the Lambs most recent photo, and I couldn't find one single 5x7 frame. When I was cleaning out, I had tons of frames. No wonder why Goodwill always has lots of picture frames! Lamb 3 is almost 2 and I still haven't framed his baptism photo and put it up.
I'm really trying to get my scrapbooking stickers organized too. Ram's mom gave me a cardboard box with drawers for organization. I think it is meant for either paper or photos and memorabilia. I'm going to use it for stickers. That should tell you how many stickers I have. I need to get them organized to see what I have so I can go through them and give some away-I'll never use this many stickers.
When I'm finally done organizing I'm going to reward myself with an afternoon or evening of scrapbooking even if I have to do it at home because my schedule has not worked to go scrapbook out of the home recently.

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Joelle said...

Wow - sounds like you have a ton of stuff! I have started to give my paper scraps and stickers I don't want to Audrey. She has a lot of fun with them. She likes to do a lot of 'projects' :) I rarely scrapbook at home, but I join a friend at her church and scrapbook one Friday a month from 6 to 10. It has been very nice - a time to 'get away' and relax. Is there anyone nearby that you can get together with at a set time each month? That has really helped me to get some scrapbooking done. Good job on getting stuff organized!