Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I went shopping on Friday. Laura has been blogging about her savings. I'm not as good as her, partly because we don't have any chain drug stores here, but I did pretty well on Friday. It's a big deal for me to get these deals because we live so far from shopping that it is rare for me to get to the store when something is on sale AND my coupon hasn't expired. Here's some of my savings.
Local grocery-My coupons added up to $31.90. Some of the good deals-Daisy sour cream on sale for $2-50 cent coupon doubled. I only buy Daisy with natural ingredients now so I was happy to get Daisy for $1. Saltines 88 cents. Ice cream B1G1F. Lamb 2 has been begging for cole slaw and a bag was 88 cents. We have a great recipe for cole slaw. Canned tomatoes and sauce were on sale plus I had a coupon-I stocked up a lot because our supply in the freezer is almost gone and it is a few months until we have fresh tomatoes. I bought several cans and I don't know exactly the savings, but that is something we will go through quickly. Bacon B1G1F. Ram attended a parenting class and his reward for attending was a coupon to use at the local grocery. The coupon was $1 off every $15 you spend. So I got $3 more off my order. I forgot to remind the cashier after all these other coupons, but I should have got 5 cents off per my own reusable bag that I brought.
Liquor Store-I mailed the rebate in already and I don't remember, but I think it was $5 off my vodka for cleaning. Ram tried to also buy some Guiness Draught, but he didn't read the rebate correctly and they didn't have the correct size at the store.
Target-Purex laundry soap B1G1F-plus it was a bonus size bottle! Herbal Essences buy conditioner get hairspray free. I don't use hairspray but I'll give it away. My stock of shampoo was huge but I was getting low on conditioner. Nivea chapstick B1G1F. I don't wear makeup except for face lotion and chapstick. I love Nivea chapstick! 5 cents off per reusable bag I brought.

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Laura said...

Good job! Anything you can save is more money in your pocket....or funds for something else! You should see what the people do on the other blogs I follow...amazing!