Friday, March 5, 2010

Now one is Six

My sister was telling me about a lady at her church that is older that never owned a children's book before nor ever had anyone make a birthday cake for her. The pastor's daughter who is about the same age as Lamb 1, thought that was so sad! Sometimes I think about how my Lambs have never been to another child's birthday party besides our family and one other family from our church. Then I think about chauffeuring them to other children's birthday parties and I'm glad we homeschool! Lamb 1 won't admit it, but he had a great birthday today.

With 6 year old card from Ewe's parents and one of his favorite presents, a Thomas roundhouse.

With his presents before he opened them. Our babysitter gave him 4 goldfish and a small tank and fish food. I think she thought it was so sad that our Lambs didn't have any pets. The Lambs love feeding the fish each morning. Thank you, Graceann!

With the cabaca from Mama and Papa.

Aunt Hannah made Lamb 1 a homemade book. The title is "For the Love of Yellow". It is an alphabet book with each page a different item that is yellow. Lamb 1's favorite color is yellow. She had a really difficult time with "a", but she knew a Russian word for yellow starts with "z". She worked many hours on this homemade gift. Thank you, Aunt Hannah!

Before Lamb 1 could talk, he was probably about 2 1/2, we went to a toy store with Ram's parents. Grandma said Lamb 1 could pick out a Thomas toy for a treat. She meant an engine or maybe a small piece. We had just begun the whole Thomas adventure and we only owned a little track from when Ram was a boy (Brio is compatible) and a few engines at the time. Lamb 1 couldn't even talk and he immediately pointed that he wanted a roundhouse. Grandpa was with us and he declared right away that our Lambs would have to be much older before he was going to pay for a roundhouse! (I think it is the most expensive Thomas piece they sell.) Lamb 1 couldn't even talk and he remembered that day in the toy store. When he would write Christmas wish lists he would always skip asking for a roundhouse because he knew Grandpa said he had to be much older.
Grandma decided she better buy the roundhouse now before Lamb 1 outgrew his interest in Thomas. So Grandpa told Grandma that age 6 was old enough to buy a roundhouse. All 3 Lambs played with it for a long time this morning. I encouraged them to build a track around the roundhouse, but they were too interested in playing with the roundhouse to do that. Thank you Ram's parents, for the roundhouse!

This is a puzzle with a track for a windup car. Pretty clever toy that Lamb 1 really liked.

For brunch we had French toast and bacon. Lamb 1 wore his "6" sticker and ate on his special plate.
Lamb 1 went to the eye doctor for a check up today. He did well today. The Dr. said he would not be surprised if at next year's checkup that Lamb 1 needs glasses. But he was fine today.
Aunt Hannah made spinach dip and Ram made guacamole this afternoon. We ate that and everyone was pretty full plus it was getting late. So we decided to have Lamb 1's birthday meal that he requested (Indian food-dal) tomorrow instead of tonight. Aunt Hannah was not looking forward to dal so she wasn't disappointed with this change of plans. After the chips and dips we had cake and the rainbow sherbet that Lamb 1 requested.
Aunt Hannah made a chocolate cake and put sprinkles in the shape of a "6" and of course yellow candles. Aunt Hannah is good at decorating cakes so perhaps I should have used her skills to make something that I can't do. Lamb 1 was pleased with his cake.
Happy Birthday, Lamb 1!


Dakotapam said...

HAppy Birthday! What a nice special day! How funny that he would request Dal...I'm with Aunt Hannah...I'm not a fan of Indaina food, our neighbors growing up were from India and I had to be very polite and eat the food, but to this day I cannot eat anything that even has a smidge of curry powder in it!

Anonymous said...

Auntie Hannah says: It took moving to Korea to find out that I actually DO love SOME Indian food... I really enjoy mutton saag and garlic naan. Yum, yum! One of my fav. restaurants here is First Nepal.

Anonymous said...

Auntie Hannah says: Actually, it took moving to Korea to discover that I DO really love SOME Indian food... like mutton saag and garlic naan. First Nepal is one of my fav. restaurants here. Yum, yum!