Monday, March 29, 2010

Step 1 completed

I did the 4 hour round trip this morning and got my lab work done. They took 9 viles of blood. The lab tech tried to figure out how to politely say that she was taking a lot of blood and she wanted a student to observe. It was a little more complicated because one vile had to be put on ice right away. The student was helpful to put the label on that vile right away and get it in ice. The student said she was waiting for a patient to come in and observe getting 11 viles taken. The lab tech said I was that person-the lab tech had counted and combined a few viles and I only needed 9 instead of 11. At least I only needed one poke! 9 viles isn't anything compared to donating a pint, but considering I came by myself and hadn't had anything to eat that morning, the tech gave me OJ afterwards.
After that, I went to Target. It was so nice to go shopping without any Lambs. I took my time browsing, but I didn't really buy very much. I bought some stuffed lambs that the Lambs can use while they are shepherds next Christmas Eve. They were with the Easter stuff. They are so cute. A few people at Target stopped me and asked me where I found them. They had huge ones for $10, but I thought the $5 ones were better for the Lambs (especially Lamb 3) to hold. I've been trying to clean out things here, so I considered if I really wanted to buy these lambs. The Lambs have held them a lot this afternoon and they are for Christmas Eve so I think in this case it was worth 3 more stuffed animals. Besides Target, there was no other place in this small town that I wanted to go shopping.
Today is Ram's day off so he was busy making yogurt and other yummy things for us to eat this week. Now he is making dal for supper. We finally have the ingredients to make Lamb 1's birthday supper!

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