Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Happy Birthday, Lamb 2!
With his presents plus he received a bike last week while Grandpa and Grandma visited.

3 Lambs with their presents

A few months ago Lamb 2 looked at the Lego website for a long time and finally chose Lego City Corner for his birthday wish list. Lamb 1 tried to talk him into other things but he decided on City Corner. It was so difficult for him to wait through Lamb 1 and 3, and also Ram's birthdays in March and April. Last week he reminded Grandma that he wanted the Pizzeria for his birthday. She freaked out a little because she got him City Corner. City Corner had pizzeria, bus stop, bike repair shop, and city bus. He was very happy to finally get this Lego set. It goes well with Lamb 1's birthday present of Lego airport.

This was less than 10 minutes after they opened up gifts this morning. Lamb 1 put it together with a little assistance from Lamb 2 and from Ram.

This morning we finished planting our garden so they had a long break for that, but this whole set was together less than 4 hours after the present was opened. The Lambs played with this all day when they weren't outside playing. The city bus dropped many Lego people off so they could eat at the pizzeria. Lamb 1 and 2 were very busy working at the pizzeria all day.

Writing thank you notes this afternoon.
Lamb 2's birthday menu-
Breakfast: monkey bread
Lunch: chicken salad and chips
Supper: homemade pizza and root beer
Cake: Pumpkin spice cake with browned butter frosting

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