Saturday, May 7, 2011


I recently was talking to someone that was 28 and had children older than the Lambs. Ram's mom had 3 boys before she was 28. I got married when I was 28. We will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary in December so you can guess how old I am. My mom had my sister when she was 38. At my dad's high school class reunion when she was about 40, she had a 2 year old and others at the reunion had grandchildren. At my 5 year high school reunion there were some classmates that had toddlers and I wasn't even close to getting married. I am often surprised when friends that have teenagers are my age or younger than me. I recently told Ram that one of my college friends had a son that was being confirmed this year. He was surprised that her son was that old.

It's all in perspective. I'm glad to be happily married with 3 Lambs even if it took us longer than other friends. The 28 year old that I was talking to said that she thinks it was God's plan that they married young because after they had some children her husband was diagnosed with MS. She said that if they hadn't started a family before they had that diagnosis, they probably wouldn't have had any children.

My grandparents were older when they had children. My parents were older when they had children. None of the Lambs ever got to know any of my grandparents. Ram's grandparents and parents were the opposite. The Lambs got to know at least one set of Ram's grandparents well. One of my prayers is that the Lambs marry girls that were born when their parents were younger so their inlaws are younger like Ram's parents were. So all you friends that have daughters near the ages of the Lambs and are younger than me, let's talk arranged marriages!


Joelle said...

Ha - you're funny. We're similar to you. Matt didn't become a dad until he was 37. My parents were in their 40s when my 2 younger brothers were born. My grandparents were in their 60s when I was born - my parents were in their 60s when they became grandparents. My last grandparent died in 2001. I never met any of my great grandparents (one was alive until I was about 5, but she lived in FL).

For me - It would have been okay to have children a little earlier, but I'm grateful for the time that Matt and I had to get to know each other more before the busyness with kids came along.

I know a bunch of people our age with kids the same age as ours. It is also interesting to be in this area with so many Mormons - so many young moms!

I'm curious who the college friend is - I'm guessing KR. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

I was so blessed to have kids starting in my late 20's and at my 40th birthday party I had a three year old while my co-celebrating friend had just sent both of her kids off to college.

The fabulous upside of having your kids later is that while many of your friends are bemoaning their empty nest you will be happily skipping along to ball games and the like. In fact, that's what I am doing at this minute. And yes, my husband and I are the oldest parents there, in fact I could be the grandmother of many of my son's classmates. But oh what joy to still have someone at home after the other kids sprout those wings. Enjoy your station as a slightly more mature mother :)

The Mama said...

Hey, I'm all for arranged marriage talks! ;)