Friday, May 13, 2011

Strawberries and spring cleaning

I haven't blogged much because it has been busy here. Monday-Wednesday we were gone to the pastor conference with Ram. We had a wonderful time and spent some time with another Looper family. We were sad that another Looper family had moved away and we didn't get to see them this time. Pastor Harrison preached at a very nice church service on Monday evening. Tuesday afternoon we had a relaxing afternoon with our family. The weather was the best it has ever been for this conference since we moved here. We got home about midnight on Wednesday after a busy afternoon shopping.
Thursday we rested and tried to get caught up on things here after being gone.
Today Lamb 2 had speech. The local grocery store had strawberries on sale for $1.49 so I bought 10 lbs. I had one batch of jam made before 2pm. I also made strawberry shortcake which everyone loved for dessert after supper. After the Lambs go to bed I plan to make another batch of jam.
Next week Ram's parents plan to visit. I'm trying to get caught up on organizing/spring cleaning the house. I won't get everything done before they come next week, but at least it will look better than when my parents were here a month ago. I really did lose 2 months due to morning sickness and then grieving. One of the tasks we did today was to take down all the artwork that has been up for about a year at our house and change it to more recent artwork from ECFE and homeschool. The Lambs forgot they had made some of the things we hung today. Last week we cleaned the living room and organized toys again. I still have some cleaning projects to do in the next few days (vacuum, mop kitchen floor, clean bathrooms, etc.).
It is difficult for me to assign chores to the Lambs and supervise them and still get my chores done at the same time. I have 3 very active Lambs and it has been rainy so they can't even get rid of their energy outside. They are very helpful for cleaning, but they need lots of supervision. I was very proud that I was able to make a batch of jam in the middle of the day today without them getting in trouble while I was busy. This is the first jam I have ever made before they were in bed for the night. After several busy years with babies and toddlers, this is new for me to both get work accomplished and to have them help with the work too.

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Karen said...

As your children get older, it becomes easier and easier to get the whole house cleaned quickly without constant supervision. When my children were all young, I thought the whole house would never be clean at the same time. Now our home is almost always picked up and tidy. We still don't manage to polish furniture and wash floors as often as we should. Remember that you are laying a great foundation for future cleaners!