Saturday, May 28, 2011

Yearly Checkups

With our pediatrician that helped Lamb 1 through MSPI. Thankfully we were blessed with being so healthy that we had not seen him since last year's annual checkups! Lamb 3 didn't want to be in the photo, but we included him too.
Lamb 1: 7 years 2 months
46.6 lbs
48 1/2 inches
Did not need a checkup yesterday because had one last year. This was worse for him than if he would have had a checkup-he had to wait for his brothers, didn't get a free book, only got a few stickers from the doctor, didn't get to pick where we ate lunch.
Lamb 2: 5 years
41.4 lbs
44 inches
96/64 blood pressure
50th percentile weight
75th percentile height
Got MMR and DTP shots yesterday. Normal hemoglobin and urine tests. Normal vision and hearing tests.
Was a rough checkup to get two shots, finger pricked, hearing/vision tests, and urine test all in a few hours. We're glad to have that done now.
Lamb 3: 3 years 2 months old
26.6 lbs
36 1/2 inches
97/53 blood pressure
Normal vision and hearing tests. No shots yesterday.
3rd percentile weight (ON THE CHART!)
15th percentile height

This is the first checkup for the Lambs that I felt we were doing well and I wasn't nervous to explain things to the doctor. If you have never had a child that is underweight and you don't know that feeling at the doctor's office, say an extra prayer that you have been blessed. I'm thanking God today that the Lambs are healthy (and the tests showed they are healthy too) and all 3 Lambs are on the chart. After Ram's experience last year, we will never take annual checkups for granted nor put them off.

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Dakotapam said...

I understand the underweight thing. Thankfully our doctor does not tend to stress out over kids that are slim, as long as development is on par. I'm glad the check ups went well.

How are YOU holding up?