Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2 weeks

I always looked forward to the newborn checkups for our Lambs, even though their pediatrician is 1 1/2 hours away. I was always glad that we had "survived" the first two weeks and hoped they had put on some weight during that time. I vividly remember all of their 2 week checkups even though much of the rest of those two weeks has been forgotten.
I have my 2 week check up today. I have done this enough times that I know what to expect. There is such a difference between an ultrasound when you are pregnant and one when you are not. There is a big difference between stepping on a scale when you are pregnant and when you are not (or you don't have a baby sitting in the car seat while you get on the scale). The insurance statements/bills are starting to come. We have plenty of medical money left for the year, I just hate to spend it this way.
Today's appointment is just with my local doctor. Later this month I will also see my doctor for my thyroid and my OB/GYN. Those appointments will have much more information for us to process-today's appointment is pretty routine.
Prayers are appreciated today for me to get through this necessary appointment-especially to think clearly to answer questions and keep it together. I think I'll take a good book with me and hope that there is a long wait so I can have some time to myself.


The Mama said...

My prayers are with you, Ewe.
I'm so sorry.

Helpful Teacher said...

Praying for you...and hoping you get your wish for a nice long waiting room stay.

Melrose said...

praying and so very sorry