Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Just in time

We pay someone to mow our lawn. The first few years we were here we tried to mow it ourselves. We have a push mower. We are young so we should be able to do this and get exercise. Our yard is not huge, but it is big. It seemed like Ram's schedule as a pastor-when he was able to mow it would rain and when the weather was nice to mow he would have a funeral or a visit to make. Once we had Lambs one of us needed to stay inside with the Lambs while the other mowed. I was overwhelmed trying to do yardwork in good weather plus housework.
After the snow melted our yard was terrible this year. All the ice on the trees this year meant tons of sticks to pick up. The sewer project in town threw big rocks into the yard. There was lots of trash from the many trash days that were also very windy days.
I divided the yard into sections and told the Lambs that they had to help me with one section each day until we were done. Rain was forecasted and it did rain so it took us almost a week to get it done. The Lambs were not enthused with this project even when I made it into a contest of who could pick up the most sticks. We finished Friday morning. The lawn mower man came Friday night. I'm so glad we finished so he didn't have to deal with the sticks, rocks, and trash.
Now to time planting the garden as well-after the last frost but enough time for everything to grow before the first frost. I hate this part of living in MN!

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