Friday, May 20, 2011

Week Report

Sunday: Church at one church, Sunday School at another, potluck at another. It's rare that I go to all 3 churches in our tri-parish in the same month, much less in the same day! We spent most of the weekend cleaning. It wasn't as much cleaning for company as doing cleaning that should be done more often than it has been done. We dusted and vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, etc. I wish I had time to keep up with this because I like having a clean house. There are still many areas to be cleaned in this home so perhaps starting with the main areas clean will motivate me to do some other areas.
Monday: Ram had to travel 3 hours to visit someone in the hospital and then he spent a few hours with that member so he was gone for a very long day. While he was gone the Lambs and I finished our cleaning and made supper. Ram's parents arrived in the afternoon. I rarely cook and I think Ram's parents were a little surprised that they liked my chili!
Tuesday: Ram had visits to make in the afternoon so we did stuff around the home. We had beautiful weather. Then we all headed over to SD to eat out at our favorite restaurant in the area.
Wednesday: It was cafe day (Ram takes one Lamb at a time to the local cafe) so everyone besides Ewe went to the cafe. Ram's parents took the Lambs to the local hardware store to get Lamb 2 a bike as an early birthday present. Ram's dad checked out the local Radio Shack and got us a few treats for our computer. When they got home Lamb 2 spent all day on his new bike, barely stopping to eat. Ram's dad fixed up our computer and we Skyped for the first time with my parents. Our computer is 8 years old and slow, so Skype was ok, but not wonderful. Actually Ram's dad was surprised our computer worked as well as it did. I think we'll be computer shopping soon. Lamb 2 gave Lamb 3 his tricycle. Lamb 3 said, "I need long legs!" He didn't even attempt the tricycle on Wednesday. By Friday he became pretty good at walking along with his tricycle instead of pedaling it. We can tell Lamb 2 won't need his training wheels for long.
Thursday: We spent most of the day around the house just enjoying Ram's parents visiting. There was a local "shop local" event in a neighboring town. Last year this event was fun but it poured rain the whole time. This year the weather was beautiful but it didn't seem like as much for the kids to do as last year. We didn't stay long, just ate supper there and came home.
Friday: Ewe took Lamb 2 to speech. Then we came home to say goodbye to Ram's parents. It was a short visit but they have 2 1/2 days of driving to get home and Ram's dad has to get back to work. Then Ewe took the Lambs in the rain to the local greenhouse to buy our plants for the garden (I hope the chance of freezing is finally done!) and to the grocery store for a few items. Then our printer didn't work (probably due to Ram's dad making improvements to our computer!) so both Ram and I tried to get it going. Ram finally did. It took a long time to clean up the  living room tonight after they had many toys out to show Ram's parents. We began reading about butterflies and moths tonight for our next science topic.
Saturday: The local wildlife refuge has a fishing day. Rain is predicted so we'll see. Ram has a commitment for another fishing day in June so we're hoping the Lambs will be able to fish tomorrow.

We did take this week off of school since Ram's parents were going to be here such a short time. I had my house cleaned before they arrived. That meant that I actually had free time this week! I even had time to read a whole book this week. Next week we will be back to school work and appointments and daily routine. It was really nice to spend the time visiting with Ram's parents, them playing with the Lambs, and me just sitting down and having the rare treat to read without interruptions! Ram had to work all week, but it felt like a vacation to me all week. Best of all we stayed home for this vacation so I don't have a ton of laundry to do now. Plus we aren't exhausted from traveling.

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Anonymous said...

I really like reading about your family life and the joy that comes about in your household. It's also great to know that you'd rather be reading a great book than churning out that housework. Thanks for sharing your family's adventures in a rural parish setting. Although we're separated by years there are some commonalities that we share (hometown and vocation as Pastor's wife) and I find your writing very soothing. Keep the updates coming !