Friday, May 6, 2011

Seis de Mayo

We had another event last night so our family celebrated Cinco de Mayo one day later. I don't think I really heard about Cinco de Mayo until I was old enough to go to the bar and it is always celebrated there! I was interested to hear recently that the actual independence day for Mexico is in September, but Mexican Americans thought it would be better for the schools to study it in May than September. That was interesting to me that they expected Cinco de Mayo to be studied in schools-we never did when I was teaching.

Here's the menu for our family Mexican feast (Lamb 2 is working on "f" in speech class so we called it a feast). We used lots of cilantro because it was on sale for $0.49!
Mock pina coladas
Chips and salsa
Mexican ice cream sundaes

I modified a recipe from Martha Stewart for the sundaes.
vanilla ice cream
homemade chocolate sauce
toasted coconut
It was very easy to just layer all that. It was a hit because the Lambs could have the toppings they wanted, but of course Ram and I had all the toppings!

At bedtime we played some Spanish music for the Lambs.

We live 1 1/2 hours from a Mexican restaurant so I was quite pleased with our family Mexican feast.

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