Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend blessings

*answering machine message that Lamb 2's tests turned out well at the doctor
*an unexpected "I'm sorry for your loss" conversation
*"I'm sorry for your loss" card from someone I've never met in person
*finding Legos in Lamb pockets when I do laundry
*yummy supper (pork from freezer from B1G1F sale, veggies from last year's garden from freezer, all on the grill)
*fresh berries from the grocery on sale
*smelling Lambs after baths
*listening to Ram read aloud to the Lambs
*Ram got me my own MP3 player-now to try to download Gene Stratton-Porter books on it
*last Sunday School before summer break
*Lambs cooperate to take photo of Sunday School kids
*presents for Lambs from Sunday School teachers
*last drive to the country church for church for a few months
*Lamb 3 successfully wore underwear all morning, even for church
*Lamb 1 helped unload the car Friday night which speeded up that chore a lot
*Lambs playing with Legos
*Lambs riding bikes, tricycle, scooter, playing with soccer ball even though it was rainy and cold all weekend
*Lambs looking forward to opening of sand/water table tomorrow
*Lambs looking forward to grilling hamburgers for our family tomorrow
*garden was planted before the rain
*clean kitchen
*loaf of freshly baked zucchini bread
*first batch of chamomile lemonade that I've made for a few months
*bacon cooking for a salad for our family tomorrow
*breadmaker working on a gift
*Ram is a great husband
*having my 3 Lambs and knowing what a miracle that is after knowing that I have Factor II
*Lambs sleeping peacefully


Sue said...

I love your list and the counting of blessings. One place where I really learned to count blessings was in the pediatric hematology clinic waiting room while our toddler was undergoing chemotherapy 27 years ago. We learned how much worse it could have been. That little boy will be 29 in 3 weeks!

Melanie T. said...

Beautiful list! Thanks for the reminder to be thankful for and record those small things.