Saturday, February 1, 2014

Copying Glenda's recipe

My friend Glenda posted this recipe in October. I didn't even go to Germany and I wanted to try this. It was not Paleo but healthy and close to Paleo. I started thinking about how I would make this recipe as soon as she posted it.

In December lamb was on sale at the local grocery store so I bought some and put it in the freezer. We were just too busy to experiment with this recipe over the holidays. I felt so uneducated buying lamb in the store for the first time, but it ended up ok. I'm sure with this sale our meal was cheaper than if I would have bought a nice cut of beef. And now I know how to buy lamb for next time.

Then a friend began selling Wildtree and I wanted to help her out so I ordered some tzaztiki seasoning. It came in last Sunday so we were ready to try the recipe. I got the lamb out of the freezer to thaw in the middle of the week and we put it in to marinate overnight on Thursday. Thursday I stocked up on veggies at the store. The local store had lots of veggies on sale for the Superbowl to make a veggie tray so it ended up that the most expensive veggie I bought was red cabbage. Friday afternoon we made the sauce, cut up some veggies, and Ram cooked the lamb. It was done in time for me to eat it before I went to scrapbooking last night.

Lamb 1 refused to try the sauce because it had dairy in it but had several helpings of lamb and veggies without any sauce on them. He asked if there were leftovers for lunch today. Lamb 2 tried everything, but mostly ate veggies. Lamb 3 ate a bowl of plain yogurt, not even the sauce or anything else. Sometimes I think he is hopeless to try new foods besides his favorites. Of course Ram and I ate everything. Lamb 1 complained that the house smelled like a meal with pita bread and of course I hadn't planned on serving pita bread with this. He requested pita bread if we make this again, but I think we'll keep the meal gluten free.

I don't think I would do anything differently to make this recipe again. I'll be watching the grocery store flyers for a lamb sale again. There are some advantages to living in ID (even if we can't get local Midwestern foods!) We do have some leftover veggies and sauce to snack on during the Superbowl.

Thanks, Glenda, for experimenting and posting this recipe on your blog!
I can't tell you how difficult it was to type lamb instead of Lamb for this blog post-hopefully this Lamb Mama caught all the typos!

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Glenda said...

Oh I'm glad you liked it! You want to know something sad? I haven't made this since that first try. Sigh. I'll have to remedy that. I found some gyro meat at a local grocery I want to try.