Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goodbye...Talk to you later

Our babysitter, Graceann, her brother, Harrison, passed away today after fighting a battle with a very aggressive type of leukemia since December 2007. He had just turned 11 years old on Ram's birthday in April. Here is what his stepdad had to write today.

"Hello to all our beautiful prayer warriors and supporters who live literally all over the world. What a blessing you are!Heidi wanted me to tell you all that at 1:22 p.m. Harrison died. He lived and fought right up to the end. He never gave up. We never gave up. It was a beautiful and peaceful end to a beautiful life of a beautiful boy. Like the quote I posted before, indeed, Harrison lived right up to the moment that he passed away. A beautiful part for me was to see him with his mother. Heidi was lying at his side and was holding him as he died. He went very gently and peacefully. Your prayers mattered and helped us in ways that even we probably don't understand. Keep praying. Keep hoping. Live to the fullest. Heidi will have more to add soon.Peace and joy be yours," Dennis

Ram and I weren't real sure how to tell the Lambs about this. They knew Harrison well when he lived in the house behind us. But then the moved to the town 7 miles away a few years ago. Then he was in the hospital for several months-it seems like years to me. Even when he was home, we weren't allowed to visit in case of germs. I don't think Lamb 2 remembers Harrison at all and Lamb 1 probably doesn't remember him very well. But they love their babysitter, Graceann. She hasn't babysat for us for several months, but they talk about Graceann at least once a day. Ram had Ladies Aid tonight so I broke the news to the Lambs tonight at prayer time. The first thing Lamb 1 said, was "When Graceann goes to heaven, she'll be able to see and talk to Harrison again." It was strange after 1 1/2 years of praying every night for Harrison to not pray for him, but only pray for his family.

About a month ago, when I didn't even realize Harrison was so sick, Lamb 1 had a profound statement. He said, "If Harrison goes to heaven, he won't ever be sick again!" Lamb 1 made this statement to surprise me when we weren't even discussing Harrison then, nor had we told Lamb 1 how ill Harrison was.

I think Lamb 1 has a better understanding of death than I do. Oh, to have childlike faith again!My mom's brother died from leukemia when she was 6 years old. Ram has lost both his brothers. Lamb 1 is named after Ram's older brother and his middle name is named after my mom's brother that died from leukemia. So Harrison's death really hits home for me. We can't wait to see Harrison and our other family members in heaven some day! As Lamb 1 said tonight, we'll talk to them later.

Please keep Harrison's family, especially his parents and Graceann, in your prayers in the days to come.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel
Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. It's fun to read about your kids growing up. Of course having met Nathan at the Mama makes him a little more precious to me...pass on a hug from me. Suzanne L