Sunday, May 3, 2009

MY Day accomplishments

I got started a little later than planned and then took a long lunch break when the Lambs came over and everyone else finished and cleaned up earlier than I expected, but yesterday I did accomplish a lot. I put some baptism photos from Lamb 3 in a frame with cross stitch from my sister and when I got home Ram hung it on the wall for me. I opened Lamb 3's album from the plastic. I put all his professional photos in it with paper and stickers and some journaling. It went from his 12 day old photo to one year old photo. I worked on the other two Lambs albums a little bit and got it all organized but didn't get their professional photo albums caught up. Hopefully I can get those caught up in the next few weeks now that I am finally organized. I think I should have done some of this during our long winter. Now it is warming up and I need to spend time on yardwork and plant a garden. It was a beautiful 60 degrees yesterday so Ram took the Lambs to the park after they visited me for lunch. I'm hoping next weekend is nice weather for yardwork since I spent yesterday inside.

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