Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tiring Day

Today we attended Harrison's funeral (see my post from last week). We left at 7:30am. We missed a turn so we had to do a loop back around a few miles. I realized it was my first time I was at a Catholic church for a funeral and the only other time I had been to a Catholic service was for a few weddings. It was difficult to keep the Lambs in line during the funeral as they were at both an unfamiliar church and unfamiliar service. They had a delicious lunch of roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, bread, and desserts. We were one of the first ones to eat and then we had a few minutes to talk to Harrison's sister, our babysitter, Graceann and also to her mom.
Then we stopped for shopping at Walmart and the grocery as it wasn't that far out of the way. Then we went to a birthday party for the family that has children our age in Sunday School at their house. The oldest girl, the boy, and the mom all have May birthdays. It was beautiful weather, not too hot, so the kids had a great time playing outside until supper was ready. They grilled out hamburgers with lots of yummy salads and sides. It was a hard choice of frosted angel food cake or chocolate cake but I went for the chocolate. We were finally home about 9pm and quickly put the Lambs to bed and unloaded the car. You can't imagine how much stuff I had to pack to have dress clothes, shorts and jeans (I wasn't sure of the weather) for everyone for the birthday party, and then the regular diaper bag/snacks/food for Lamb 3 etc. We had all that to unload plus the groceries we bought.
When Lamb 2 came inside for supper tonight, he remembered there were toys inside the house besides the ones they were playing on outside. He was one of the last ones to eat supper because he was inside playing with the dollhouse. The Lambs love going to this family's house to play because they have girl toys that we don't have plus they have a lot more ride on toys than we have. All 3 Lambs also enjoyed playing with their pretend lawnmower.
It's finally time for bed for me-a short sleep tonight before we have to get up for church in the morning!

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