Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lamb 2's Birthday Photos

"MY keys!"
Lamb 2's favorite present was some old keys and keychains.
"It even have white!"
Lamb 2 loves to do sidewalk chalk. If he only knew chalk used to ONLY be white!

This cookie set for their play kitchen came with refrigerated cookie dough. The Lambs had no idea what that was! I would guess most children today would be the opposite and not know how to make cookies from scratch.
"MY new tie!"

Lamb 1 and 2 took their grill outside to grill out while Ram grilled hamburgers for supper.
Even with my injured foot I got the cake made. Yes, it really was pink with pink frosting and Pooh sprinkles and Pooh candle. That's what Lamb 2 wanted! Lamb 2 is actually the most wild boy out of the three lambs. Plus Lamb 1 and 2 wore Superman shirts all day.
Lamb 3 enjoyed his piece of cake
Lamb 2 loved his cake!
Happy Birthday, Lamb 2! We love you! We're glad you had a great day!

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