Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh bother!

I have had a really hard time feeling like I am doing nothing with my sprained foot. I am frustrated with myself for doing this in the first place. (Ram says I should have asked him to carry the birthday box-but it wasn't that heavy!). I am frustrated that I need help to do the small things a mother should be able to do. I am frustrated that this entire week was wasted and not only did I get nothing done, but neither did Ram as he was helping the Lambs or me. I am disappointed that we can't go to church on Sunday and it is the last time for Sunday School. (Having a tri-parish makes this difficult. Of course it had to be the foot that I drive with.) I am thankful that my foot wasn't broken and I don't need a cast. I am thankful that Lamb 3 can walk and usually comes when called or I don't know how I would manage this. I wish that Lamb 3 could go down steps as this would be even easier. I am wondering when this will be healed up to plan our calendar for June and wondering if we will be able to go on our vacations to WI, CO, and fly to CA. The Lambs, especially Lamb 1, are very frustrated with Mama not being able to do "Mama things". I am frustrated because usually picking up after Ram and the Lambs is easier to do in a few minutes for me than to expect them to do it. So I haven't done a good job of "training" them to do things for themselves and to pick up after themselves.
All this time "off my feet", I should be reserving hotel rooms and buying plane tickets and stuff like that. But I wonder if I will even be able to go on these vacations. I started to look for hotels this morning and I just got overwhelmed looking for rooms in all these cities for all these dates. I really want to go to WI to see our friends and to the other two weddings to see family.
I got all 3 Lambs to rest this afternoon at the same time (quite a feat when I have to tuck everyone in while I am on crutches and put Lamb 3 in his crib too) and I took a long nap. Ram finished his sermon. Then Ram took Lamb 1 and 2 to a graduation party. I ate leftovers and fed leftovers to Lamb 3.
My sister says I shouldn't count out everything just because I'm on crutches. She's been on crutches for several months because of her knee surgeries. But she forgets that as difficult (she thinks easy) crutches are, she doesn't have a one year old that can't go down steps and two other Lambs to watch out for too.
After my nap I feel better and perhaps tomorrow I'll be up to tackling the mountain of laundry that has built all week (I've only done one load since last Friday) and making reservations for our June and July vacations. Perhaps this will be good experience for the Lambs to learn to do more for themselves too. And hopefully my foot will heal soon.

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Praying for you! Where in Wisconsin are you going? Don't get discouraged-hang in there, friend!