Monday, May 18, 2009

Well Mama Check-Up

Today I went for my annual exam with my midwife. She teased me that she thought I said I was coming in for my annual check-up but I was really coming in for a prenatal appointment. Maybe this is TMI, but I loved answering her that Aunt Flo hasn't visited since before I was pregnant with Lamb 3! (pregnancy and 13+ months) Plus I answered that I AM NOT pregnant.
I took some homemade granola as a gift for my midwife and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for the nurses. My mom takes homemade gifts to her doctors some times to thank them. I'm always too busy during pregnancy or newborn time, but they sure appreciated it today. It was nice to "chat" with my midwife-I missed seeing her regularly since Lamb 3 was born. She was my midwife for Lamb 2 and 3's birth.
I have to go back some time (45 minutes) to get blood work done. It's hard for me to believe that it's been 5 years since I had cholesterol etc. checked. I have to go back for a fasting test so I couldn't do it today.
Have you had your annual exam? This is important to not get pushed back on our calendars. It doesn't take very long (except for the commute if you live far away like me!). Plus you get some time to chat with an adult without your children (even if they are in the waiting room like mine were with Ram). Schedule it today, if you need to.
After the doctor's office then we went to the park. We didn't stay long because it was too hot. (high 80's) You know it is hot when the Lambs complain. This is a bigger park than our park a few blocks away from our house. Then we went to DQ for ice cream cones for the Lambs and peanut buster parfaits for Ram and me. Lamb 3 enjoyed lots of licks of ice cream. I just ignored my weight at the doctor's office a short time before DQ and enjoyed my ice cream!

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Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Nothing better than some DQ on a hot day. I got the article last week, thank you so much for sending it to me! I really enjoyed it, and will be sharing it a lot!