Sunday, May 24, 2009

Short version of Not Me Monday!

I do NOT think I majorly sprained my ankle on Sunday night. I was being very quiet getting Lamb 2's birthday presents out of the room that Lamb 3 was sleeping in. First I took the heavy smaller box out. Then I went for the bigger box. While I was carrying the bigger box I did NOT miss a step on the steps up to our two back rooms. There are 4 steps, NOT 3 steps!
I did NOT yell quietly at Ram to not turn on the light and not worry about me because I was so worried about Lamb 3 waking up! Then I told Ram to put the rest of the presents out and not worry about me. I hobbled out to the computer and started blogging with my foot up.

I also planned exactly how to make Lamb 2's cake. I am the perfect mother with Lamb 2's cake ALL done. (That's right, I have no idea. And now, with a sprained ankle, it should be EASY to make that cake tomorrow morning.)

Lamb 2 gets a little Not me Monday on his birthday too. Of course since Lamb 2 is a boy, he would never want a pink cake with pink frosting. And also since he is a boy, he wouldn't have been the last one to eat at our friend's house last night because he was playing with their dollhouse. And he wouldn't be thrilled because he got to eat pink cake at the funeral yesterday when he thought he had to wait until his birthday.

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