Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well Child Visits

Yesterday we took Lamb 1 and 3 for their 5 year and 1 year checkups. I was surprised that Lamb 1 had 3 shots, blood drawn, urine test, vision test, hearing test, blood pressure, and height/weight check. He is finally up to 38 lbs! He'll be in a car seat for awhile at this rate.

Lamb 3 had it easy with only 2 shots, height/weight check, and blood drawn. He lost a lb a few weeks ago when he had croup. He gained that back. He's a little guy. He's 13 months and 17 1/2 lbs. He'll be backwards in the car seat for awhile longer.

We've noticed that our doctor has become more laid back these last few visits as even compared to a year ago. Maybe this is because he now has grandchildren. Maybe this is because he can tell that all 3 Lambs are developmentally doing well and healthy, but they are just skinny. Maybe this is because this is my third boy. For whatever reason, he is no longer concerned about the Lambs weight.

I was concerned that Lamb 1 isn't getting enough dairy. For the last 6 months or so he has refused to drink rice milk plain, eat cheese, or eat yogurt. The only dairy he gets is ice cream and sometimes we have cottage cheese. The doctor wasn't even concerned about this. He said to drink more OJ with calcium, eat more canned fish, eat more veggies, and offer dairy but not push it. The doc wondered if the dairy still bothers Lamb 1 a little and we wonder if the memories of the dairy bothering him (MSPI) would cause him to not want dairy. When the doc saw how skinny he was, he said to let him have a milkshake every day if he wants it. We used to have banana or berry smoothies almost every morning. We haven't done that for awhile. Perhaps we'll try to get back into that habit, especially for Lamb 1.

Lamb 3 was born with a bump on the back of his head, behind his ear. This was quite noticeable as a newborn, but has shrunk as his head got bigger. At birth they told us he would need to have a scan at about 1 year old. Yesterday the doc told us he will keep an eye on it at checkups but not to worry about it.

Lamb 3 was healthy and over his ear infection and croup from a few weeks ago. The labs came back good for both of them. I'm thankful that the Lambs are healthy and checkups are truly WELL child checkups. Lamb 2 turns 3 in a few weeks and then it will be his turn!

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