Sunday, January 17, 2010

15th Week of School Report

We did not have school on Wednesday because we had a field trip to a farm-more on that in a later post, but we had school every other day this week. Here's what we accomplished:
Math: Finished lesson 9 working on adding 9 to a number-Lamb 1 is doing much better at this concept.
Reading: Reviewed poems we learned before. Read more My Book House volume 1. Read A Pair of Red Clogs for Five in a Row-just read it, didn't do any activities with it.
Handwriting: Continued to work on numbers with Lamb 2-still no clue so we'll go to some prewriting activities next. Worked on reviewing numbers with Lamb 1 while I was working with Lamb 2. Lamb 1 continued to work on his letters-he's up to letter Tt-reviewing one letter at a time-being picky that he forms the letters correctly.
P.E.-It was warm enough that Lamb 1 and 2 played out in the snow several days this week and we also walked the few blocks to the post office several times this week. Lamb 1 did lots of shoveling to finish shoveling the walks from the snow that we received last week but never shoveled. Lamb 1 said, "Mama, it's 33 degrees! It's so warm we don't have to wear gloves!" When you consider our wind chill was -51 just a few weeks ago-that is an 80 degree difference and of course it would seem warm to us!
Phonics: Lamb 1 continued in The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. He's doing well.
Religion: Did Sunday School lesson on the baptism of Jesus because the Lambs were sick last week. Began memorizing Lord Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word hymn. Did several Bible stories about Jesus early ministry. Finished the second set of Bible posters we were working on for our Bible story time. Will begin the third set of Bible posters this week. Reviewed commandments 1-2 because I want to make sure they really know the commandments before we go on to the next part of the catechism. Lamb 1 was disappointed that was all we did-just 2 commandments. He said, "I want to do the 6th commandment because it is my favorite!" (In our church the 6th commandment is "You shall not commit adultery.")
Latin: I went back to lesson 1 and 2 to be sure the Lambs are really learning all the vocabulary. I plan to review for a few weeks before we go back to learning a new lesson.
Music: Began learning the names of musical instruments. Lamb 2 wants to play the bagpipes now because they are LOUD!
History: Read some books about the American flag.
Science: Read more books about animals-birds and insects.
Ram had to go to a meeting on Friday and Saturday-more on that in another post. We are glad that he should be home now after two big trips the last two weeks. We are accomplishing a lot in school this month. Hopefully we can continue this for the winter.

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