Saturday, January 9, 2010


Lamb 3 has talked much earlier than Lamb 1 or 2. He also seems to be left handed. I'm wondering if there is a correlation between his early talking/left handed/good at coloring and the late talking/right handed/good at math and puzzles that his brothers have.
We usually start our morning with cold cereal because it is fast and WIC provides so much. Later in the morning we make something like oatmeal or eggs or if we are too busy with school then we just eat lunch earlier. Since Lamb 3 could say a few words for several months I would have him answer "o"=Cheerios; "Kix"; or "no" if he wanted something else. He usually tries "no" first and asks for pretzels and then when he finds out he can't have pretzels for breakfast then answers "o" or "Kix".
After several months of this routine, Lamb 3 has been doing more Charades and less talking. In a way I'm impressed with how he gets his messages across by acting them out instead of talking, but I want him to talk verbally!
Yesterday, I asked the typical question in the morning and Lamb 3 refused to answer verbally. I told him he needed to use words or he wouldn't get anything. This worried him because he saw his brothers getting what they asked for. You could see his brain working-how can I get what I want without talking? Then he started kicking his foot. I gave in and gave him Kix because of creativity!

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