Thursday, January 21, 2010


Tonight Ram took Lamb 1 and 2 to a Fathers Read Every Day event in the town 7 miles away from us. He felt Lamb 3 was too young to understand it and chose to focus on just 2 Lambs. (I reminded him that I take all 3 to ECFE by myself almost every week and that didn't help convince him to take Lamb 3!) They ate a free meal (sub sandwiches, fruit, cookie), listened to stories, and then while the dads had a meeting the kids had free time in the gym. I assume the meeting talked about the importance of dads reading and spending time with their children. Perhaps Ram will talk more about this on his blog. The Lambs seemed to enjoy the night's activities. Ram said he didn't hear anything we hadn't heard before, just the importance of reading to your children.
While they were gone, and I just had one Lamb to "help" me, I cleaned off their dresser top. Does every mom with a 5 year old constantly have trash oops, I mean art all over their house? Lamb 1's new favorite activity is to cut up the advertisements and coupon trash after I'm done with them. His favorite advertisement is Menards because he can cut out snow shovels and toilets-he likes to give the toilets as prizes to Lamb 3 as he's just beginning potty training. He also likes to cut out advertisements of phones and cameras. When I ask one of the Lambs to do something-Lamb 1 says, "I'll give you a prize that I cut out if you do what Mama says!" He has been happy during rest time for the last few months cutting out wreaths, Christmas trees, and recently hearts getting ready for Valentine's Day-cutting all of this out of scrap paper. I have tiny pieces of scrap paper and advertisement trash on the guest bed where he takes rest time, in the living room where he gets the advertisements, and especially in his room on his dresser where he keeps his "prizes" and other art. Anyway, I filled a plastic shopping bag with these tiny bits of trash tonight that was on top of his dresser. I organized his other treasures (Legos, wallet, watch, etc.) and I don't think he'll miss what I threw away. When he got home I showed him what I had done (not the trash!) and he replied, "Just wait until Sunday until I cut out more!" I just sighed and I'm not looking forward to the other Lambs joining in on this activity and making 3 times the mess that we have now!
I also put all the Lambs clothes away that had been piled up in the crib. Last fall we tried all 3 Lambs in the same bedroom and it was a slow process to get all 3 to sleep in there. Just as we were making a little progress then we got the flu. We never got back to it because it was just easier to continue with Lamb 3 in our room. So tonight when they got home we tried all 3 in the same room. Lamb 2 has the most difficult time because he still takes a nap so he's not tired at bedtime. Lamb 1 and 3 fell asleep right away tonight while Lamb 2 sang and talked to his toys. I'll try to update you how it goes this time.

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