Thursday, January 28, 2010

Prayer Requests

I have quite a few friends that need prayers and I thought I would list them here to help me remember to pray daily for all of them. You are welcome to pray for them too.

1. I posted earlier this month about the Baker family losing their father/grandfather. Understandably they are having a very difficult time. Especially pray for them to get some peace over all this even though we will always have questions that will never be answered. Kimberly and Becky have written some blog posts recently that especially show their concerns. On top of everything else, Becky's family lost their dog recently too.

2. My college friend Joelle and her husband Matt received news that she is very close to adopting a little boy that they named Timothy from Taiwan. Please pray that all the details will work out. Adoptions in Taiwan are just like America that the birth mother can still change her mind. Please pray that Timothy can join their family (including adopted daughter, Audrey) soon.

3. My high school friend Kristy is pregnant with her first child and the baby (boy) is breech. Will you please pray that her baby turns in the next few weeks? She is also moving into a new house soon and pretty overwhelmed with the timing of everything.

4. My friend Pam had her baby twin girls NATURALLY and all of them were home from the hospital just 5 days after they were born! Please pray prayers of thanksgiving. I'm so happy for her. Please also pray that she can be a good mom for her 4 boys and 2 baby girls.

5. I continually pray for our tri-parish. Each time a voter's meeting comes (4 times a year) I'm reminded to pray extra for them to continue to make it financially. This month I was reminded to not only pray for them financially, but also to pray for manpower to do all the behind the scenes work that a church needs to keep it running successfully. Our members are all getting older and it is getting more and more difficult to fill positions on the church board. Please pray for our small tri-parish churches and members.


Becky said...

Oh, thank you so much. It really means a lot that you are walking through this with us. Your experience and wisdom provide a specific comfort. Bless you. I will pray for the requests you listed here.

Dakotapam said...

Thanks for your prayers. I notice my prayer list has gotten longer and longer lately.That is fine, nursing two babies gives me lots of time to pray!

kimberley said...

thank you so much. i'll be praying for the others, too!!