Friday, January 22, 2010

Remembering summer

When the weather forecast predicts 0.8 inches of ice, 5.2 inches of snow, and wind gusts of 31mph winds and we expect the Lambs and Ram to be doing lots of this over the next few days...

We chose to remember our last summer vacation here...

The happy bakers

When we were in CA I couldn't see spending so much money for a few pieces of Ghirardelli chocolate. We went through the shop a few times so everyone could have one sample. Then I bought a package of chocolate chips. I figured we could all have several chocolate chip cookies vs. one piece of chocolate for less money. We were busy when we returned home and then last fall we were sick so often and then Christmas came...I finally remembered to bake them today.

Can you smell them?

Lamb 3 tasted them and approved. He cried because he was only allowed to eat one at a time.

Lamb 1 also tasted them and approved.

Lamb 2 tasted them and approved too.

I don't know how you could get here with the weather that we've been having, but you better hurry if you want to sample the cookies before they are all gone!


kimberley said...

hmmmm...for some reason i have a craving:)

love the chef hat and the chocolate on the cheeks in the last picture.

thanks for the smiles:)

Dakotapam said...

You can also find Ghiradelli chocolate at Target...not that that helps you since you live far from one of those too...but it is how I get a taste of home every once in a while (when I can hide and et chocolate alone!)