Friday, January 29, 2010


I added Live Traffic Feed to my blog earlier this week. There are only a few international people/friends that read my blog so I didn't see much purpose to adding a live traffic map (or what ever it is called) to my blog.
It has been very interesting to me who reads my blog. For example, one found my blog because they were looking up Costco in Fargo. There is no Costco in Fargo! But The Mama commented on one of my blog posts asking if there was a Costco in Fargo.
It's also been interesting to me the people that come to my blog after reading another blog that I'm linked on. I can figure out who a few of these people are, but I'll probably never know who most of these are.
One came to my blog looking for home away scams!
It's also interesting where people go after reading my blog-which blogs on my blog list they choose to go to after reading my blog.
I suppose I am most curious about people that are local in MN/over the border in SD to me. I'm sure I know some of them in real life. And the ones that I don't know in real life, I'm curious about how they ever found my blog!
For my first blogaversary I asked all of you that read this blog to leave a comment. Then my computer was down. It was also the busy Christmas season. If you were one of the 12 to comment there, you don't need to comment again. But if you read this blog post, would you please leave a comment so I can "know" who a few more of you are? Thanks for reading my blog and for leaving a comment!


Dakotapam said...

I always find it interesting who reads my blog...the longer I write, the more far reaching my readers are. It is kind of fun, and the husband only this it is a little creepy now!

Anna said...

I'm a fellow LCMS pastor's wife, currently living in California. I found your blog from CSPP. I enjoy hearing about the lives of other pastor's wives, even if you are in a very different situation than I am.

Glenda said...

I had to go back and reread your blogaversary post and comments to even remember if I had left a comment! I'm not always the swiftest thinker in the bunch. Anyhoo, I do read your blog as I'm making the reading rounds.

Cate said...

I have you subbed on Bloglines and read as I have time! :)

kimberley said...

i'm kimberley, but you already knew that:)

Joelle said...

Yo! I was going to comment on that post because I saw it then....and haven't been on since! I'm a poor reader of blogs....when I can get around to it I do it, otherwise it is low on my to-do list. Since I can't type your name, can I type your initial when I comment??? I don't really want to call you 'ewe' :)