Thursday, January 14, 2010


One of my college friends adopted two children from Haiti a few years ago. We started supporting a Lutheran pastor in Haiti through their connection. A few years after that, we started supporting one school child in Haiti every year through our MN North District. It was amazing to me to learn that $250 a year was all that was needed to cloth, feed, and school a child that was in desperate need. Rev. Bernard was kind enough to send updates and even photos about our child that we adopted. We have been blessed so much in America that I was glad our family could help a child that was in need.
Rev. Harrison from LCMS World Relief is posting updates about the Haitian situation here. Sadly, there is no news yet on Rev. Bernard or his congregation or his school. We continue to keep the people of Haiti in our prayers.
Rev. Harrison is my former pastor and you can tell that it was very difficult for him to make this video and his staff is doing everything they can possibly do to get news and to help the people of Haiti. Please also keep Rev. Harrison and his family (wife Kathy, sons Matthew and Mark) and his staff at LCMS World Relief in your prayers as they help at this time of disaster.

Please also keep my friend Pam in your prayers. She is going to be induced today to have her twin girls. Please pray for a healthy delivery, healthy Mama, and two healthy baby girls. Please also pray prayers of thanksgiving that she is going to be both a boy Mama and a GIRL Mama now.

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The Mama said...

My husband heard today that Rev. Bernard and the school are currently fine. They are worried long term about food supplies since not much is leaving the Port au Prince area.