Monday, January 25, 2010

My cleaning helpers

About a month ago I saw Menards had these electrostatic dusters on sale for 49 cents. I was hoping to get to Menards before the ad expired but it didn't happen. The next time we went to Menards they were full price-$2 each. I let the Lambs each choose one either colored or blue. Lamb 1 has always liked to help clean. Before we bought these the Lambs would fight over my one green duster. Sometimes they play with them just for fun-not when they are cleaning.
I started my clean the whole house project last Friday to get ready for our Epiphany party on February 5. Ram had to go home to ID when we originally had the party scheduled. The area pastors and their families (although not very many have children) will come to our house then.

Lamb 2 was a good helper.

Lamb 3 just "talked" and even took over my duster too, but didn't do any cleaning!

Finally Ram assisted Lamb 3 so he did a little cleaning.

Lamb 1 didn't want his photo taken but he did quite a bit of dusting too.
We just cleaned the entryway on Friday. It was quite dirty- still mud from our construction this fall (even though I had vacuumed there, I think we'll be dealing with mud for a long time) and where puddles were from the Lambs and Ram after they shoveled the front walk several times. It was just a small project on Friday to get us started on the bigger cleaning jobs like the living room. Hopefully we'll be finished cleaning by the time of the party!

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