Monday, January 11, 2010

Annual Report

I am still on the LCMS roster as a teacher. I want to keep this up because I never know if I will want to return to teaching at a Lutheran school some day. Every year I need to make an annual report to stay on the roster. Basically they just need current info like address and then I need to report what I have done in the last year. I already wrote my excuse for why I didn't attend the last District Convention so that was covered. (Who would watch the children if Ram and I both went?) But I needed to fill out the form about what I did in the last year. Here's what I came up with so far (in no particular order):
*read my Bible and catechism daily
*attended church services when they were offered and received Holy Communion when it was offered
*occasionally commented on Sturm (classical Lutheran education e-mail list)
*helped with Ladies Aid at all three churches
*read/looked at a lot of CPH materials in the last year including children’s books
*taught religion to my own children 6 days a week (50% of the kids in our congregation!)
*do some secretary duties for the tri-parish
*evangelism in a rural area
*led the tri-parish effort to send several Global Care Packages through LLL

Ram thinks I should put this on my form, but I want to be approved for another year! He's right though, this is more valuable than what I wrote first.
*I am growing the church out here in rural Western MN through procreation and nurturing my children. I am helping with some of the seemingly "unimportant" tasks in the church. Because I am a SAHM, I am able to do more tasks that I would be unable to do if I worked outside the home. In fact, in some of these tasks, our entire family is involved (visiting the nursing homes and tasks like that).
HT: Father Hollywood

Any other ideas what I could put on this form?

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure the officials will like your first version, but I love the second version.
Suzanne L