Saturday, June 19, 2010

34th and 35th Week of School Report

Our computer was down on Sunday when I usually post our school report. We have been super busy and I don't remember everything we did in school that week. We had school Monday- Thursday of that week. On Thursday and Friday nights the Lambs went to VBS. On Friday our babysitter came and Lamb 1 learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. On Saturday Ram took Lamb 1 and 2 fishing. Lamb 2 caught 2 fish and had his picture in the newspaper.

This week, on Monday I had my thyroid biopsy and on Tuesday I was recovering from that so we didn't have school. We had school on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, Ram took Lamb 3 with him to the town 1 1/2 hours away to get some warranty work done on his Toyota. I was able to just take Lamb 1 and 2 to the library for the summer reading kick off. There was a magic show and it stressed practicing reading so you become a better reader and checking out books from the library. I think it is good to take the Lambs to experiences like this. It's so much easier without Lamb 3 along, but he goes with us to most of these activities.
On Thursday we went to a play about Anansi the Spider. The actors did a good job involving the audience in the play. After the play they did some activities asking the audience comprehension questions about the play and having the audience act out the different play characters. Lamb 2 really got into this and may become a great actor some day! Lamb 1 & 3 listened closely. We had school on Friday and Saturday. Here's some of what we did in school:

Math: Lamb 1 is almost done with MUS lesson 22.
Reading: Read Three Little Kittens, Little Tuppen, Anansi Learns to Fish, Anansi the Spider,
Three Kittens
(Russian tale), some Just So Stories, and some Now we are Six. Ram's mom gave us a set of Enid Blyton books. We read A Basket of Surprises and Do Pass it On from one volume of these books. The Lambs really enjoyed these with lots of pictures. I am learning some British vocabulary like treacle. We will continue to read more Enid Blyton after this. Since we finished reading FIAR volume 1 books, we have time for more variety in our reading now.
Religion: Read Arch books about Stephen and the Fruit of the Spirit. Continue to learn the Commandments on Sing the Faith CD. We are just beginning Bible stories about Jacob and Esau on our Bible story posters.
Latin: Continue to review vocabulary in the first 10 lessons of Prima Latina.
Science: Watched a movie put out by the American Cancer Society called an Early Start to Good Health. We began reading My Big Book of 5 Minute Devotions Celebrating God's World. Ram's mom got us this and I'm not sure if I would purchase it myself, but since we have it the Lambs have enjoyed learning about animals. I'm stressing the learn about animals more than the devotions. We read a few last week about farm animals and we'll continue more about zoo animals.
Phonics: Lamb 1 has enjoyed reading Dick and Jane from our Ultimate Dick and Jane Storybook Collection. We also checked out some Dick and Jane from the library this week. He enjoys reading this to Lamb 3.
Music: We continue to learn about composers in The Story of the Orchestra. We studied Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mahler, and Debussy.
Handwriting: Lamb 2 has continued to work on his Kumon book.

I have recently discovered some good books for the Lambs for school in my book organization project. We plan to order math for Lamb 1 when he completes Alpha MUS (about 8 lessons), but other than that, we are going to use what we have and not purchase any other curriculum for Lamb 1 for first grade next year. There are some art and literature books that I would like to have for Lamb 1 that perhaps Ram's mom will buy for us, but if we don't get them then I'll just get them from the library. I also discovered some educational videos that will be good to have some variety for what they watch during rest time daily-if they had their wish they would watch Richard Scarry or Winnie the Pooh every day.
The next two weeks will be busy here with daily swim lessons for Lamb 1 and 2. We'll fit school in but I doubt I'll accomplish much of my decluttering project.

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