Saturday, June 12, 2010

Family Update

Decluttering-This week I worked in the kitchen a little cleaning out cupboards and counters. There is still a lot to do even though I'm always complaining that I don't have enough cupboard space! Hopefully I can reclaim some more space by cleaning out and organizing.
I also started a huge project to type a list of all the fiction books that we own. I have finished 2 big bookshelves in Ram's office, one bookshelf in our living room, the cradle in the living room is full of the Lamb's books, and one big bookshelf in our library. I am still working on two small bookshelves in the Lamb room. I am going through each book and deciding to keep it or not and typing in the ones we are keeping. I have several boxes to give away and tonight Ram said I need to give more away! I am close to 1300 books typed in. I will remind you that we have less fiction than we have nonfiction in this house. I'm not even going to attempt the nonfiction this summer-too much more that I want to do.
I also cleaned the main bathroom and cleaned the kitchen floor-both tasks were not done in a long time!
I also watched some videos this week to decide to keep or give away.
My plans are to finish the book project and then to focus on one room in this house each week-I'm finding it is too overwhelming to think of everything that needs to be cleaned out in this house. I'm going to take a break from books after I finish the fiction and next week I plan to work on our guest room-especially the closet. Hopefully I will accomplish a lot if I focus on one room at a time.
Dry Underwear!-Ram and I both were bed wetters so I haven't been too concerned about the Lambs being bed wetters. On Wednesday Lamb 1 kept his underwear dry all night. On Thursday Lamb 2 kept his underwear dry all night. We're making progress even if it isn't both Lambs the same night. I do plan to potty train Lamb 3 this summer, but we haven't started yet. Some days he seems completely ready and other days he doesn't seem ready at all. I plan to wait a couple more months unless he seems more ready before that.
VBS-Lamb 1 and 2 ended up attending VBS for the last two nights this week. They were thrilled that they received a couple of headbands so they can pretend to be bees. They went to story time by themselves for the first time this year (one or the other cried and didn't stay the whole time before). I feel bad they missed some VBS this year, but they enjoyed the two nights they went.
Bike-Our babysitter came on Friday. Lamb 1's bike, the chain continually comes off. Our babysitter offered to fix it for him and while she was at it, she took his training wheels off. Then she took him over to the baseball field and helped him learn how to ride without training wheels. I think this is something that either the mom or the dad should teach the child, but I didn't have time on Friday and our babysitter was a good motivator (probably better than I would have done) and it was hot on Friday-SO I'm really glad that she taught him. He still needs a little help, but overall he did really well for his first day.
Dick and Jane-Ram's mom got us a Dick and Jane Treasury. Lamb 1 has enjoyed reading some stories this week. He's fascinated that all his grandparents and his Mama read that in school. Ram doesn't remember if he read Dick and Jane in school. He thought it was cool that Grandpa and Grandma knew the names of the people (Dick, Jane, Sally) and pets (Spot, Puff).
Fishing-Our area has another youth fishing day today. This time Ram is able to take them so he's going to take Lamb 1 and 2. They have a tackle box full of nice supplies that they won at the last fishing day and we got them a fishing pole too. They should have a fun day.

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