Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I recently realized...

that Ram and I are going to be apart for the longest we have ever been apart since our wedding day when he goes to Synodical Convention in July. I'm very glad that he was nominated to go, but I will miss him. Our Lambs are Papa's boys, and especially Lamb 3 is going to miss him. Thankfully my parents are coming and hopefully we can fit in a trip to the zoo or something fun to get our minds off of missing Ram! I didn't want to go along to convention because of the heat, cost for our family, and Ram would be busy all day every day.

I was trying to remember when we have been apart and this list doesn't count 1 or 2 day pastor conferences or something like that. Most pastor conferences our family goes along.
*Ewe's 2003 trip to relist our house in Fort Wayne to sell it
*Ewe and Lamb 1 went to my grandma's funeral
*Lamb 1 and Ewe went to my sister's college graduation
*Ewe and the Lambs went to Lamb 2's godfather's wedding last summer
*Ram went to two funerals this year without us, but those were fast trips of just going out there and attending the funeral and coming home.
I may be forgetting a trip, but it doesn't even come out to once a year since we've been married 8 1/2 years!

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