Sunday, June 27, 2010

36th Week of School Report

First a note about week 36. When I was teaching in the classroom, we had 36 weeks of school and some of those weeks were short weeks with holidays. When I counted weeks for homeschooling, if we took off several days for vacation or other activities, I didn't count them as a week of school. We had a crazy year with lots of illness. So I'm pretty proud that we completed 36 whole weeks of school by the end of June since we didn't start until after Labor Day. Since we have completed 36 weeks, we will take it a little easier this summer. Lamb 1 will finish Alpha MUS math and practice reading each day. Of course we will read aloud daily. But we won't do all subjects every day. Hopefully by this method we will all be refreshed and ready to get back to a regular school schedule next fall. I'm also hoping to have more time for decluttering with this method if I don't have to spend as long each day being the teacher. And the Lambs are hoping for more time to play outside.

Lamb 1 and 2 began swim lessons daily this week. Lamb 2 had a cold so he missed swimming on Wednesday. The Lambs surprised me and did great at swim lessons. They had them going off the diving board the first day. I thought one or both would be afraid, but both did really well. There are 2 teachers and 7 children in their class. Parents are asked to go outside of the swimming area during lessons. This has been difficult for me as an overprotective Mama. There was one time when Lamb 1 and another child both went under water at the same time and each teacher had to "rescue" a child (including Lamb 1) at the same time leaving 5 other children (including Lamb 2) without a teacher helping them. I had to just watch this happen outside of the fence. I was proud of Lamb 1 for taking a short break after this and then going back in the water and not letting it scare him for the rest of lessons. They have one more week of swim lessons and I'm sure they'll continue to do great and I'll survive watching them outside the fence. Ram and I have taken turns taking them so we can both get more done this week than just going to swim lessons.

This week our babysitter came on Tuesday and did painting with them. At library storytime they painted fish. On Friday night one of our members had a 50th anniversary party which our family enjoyed.

Lamb 1 completed lesson 23 in MUS.

Lamb 1 read from his Dick and Jane library books. These are recently published Dick and Jane books with picture clues instead of words. Lamb 1 thinks it is more fun to read a library book than one that we own and he can read any time. We have a small public library and this series is one of the first that I approve of Lamb 1 reading that we don't own. I would much rather have the Lambs read classic books than modern ones. The Dick and Jane books are both modern and classic. I talked to the librarian about how glad we were to see these Dick and Jane books in the library. I read aloud from several other library books.

Lamb 2 worked on his Kumon books a little.

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Joelle said...

Wow - jumping off the diving board? Amazing. Have they both had swim lessons before? Someday we'll get around to swim lessons, but Audrey is still a bit too clingy. Interesting about the parents having to be outside the swim area. Why do they do that? We wouldn't be able to do that either - that would cause Audrey's anxiety levels to raise even before she got into the water.

I think it is good that you'll take a short break from HS. I have many fond memories of unstructured summer days while growing up. I learned a lot on my own during those times.

Interesting about not checking out other books at the library. Why? I have found MANY recent books from our library that I really enjoy. Just curious.