Friday, June 11, 2010

Ewe's thyroid

I went to the Dr. 3 hours away on June 4 and had everything done in one day-blood tests, saw Dr. and thyroid ultrasound. My blood test came back normal which is good, but after months of being low, the Dr. doesn't know why it was normal. So I am to repeat the blood tests in 6 weeks and hope that they are normal then and hopefully repeat the blood tests in 3 months and they will be normal again. IF everything is normal then we can TTC again. For the first time she explained that the two main drugs they give for thyroid-1 has the chance of causing birth defects and the other one has the chance of causing liver problems. So the Dr. would really like my blood tests to be normal for several months before we try to get pregnant. So it was good news that the blood tests were normal on June 4 and we pray that it remains that way.
I have had thyroid ultrasounds every year or two for the past 6 years. For the first time, the ultrasound showed two nodules that were bigger than the Dr. would like to see. I am scheduled on Monday for a needle thyroid biopsy. 90% of these biopsys are not cancerous. I have never had a thyroid biopsy before. Please pray for me to do well for this biopsy and for good results. Also, sometimes these biopsys don't show what the dr. needs to see, so please pray that it shows what the dr. needs-I don't want to make more 6 hour round trips than I need to nor go through more tests than this biopsy.

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