Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CA Trip Day 2

Our Lambs are hotel snobs. They asked Grandpa if they could go to the hotel with fountains and fish, Shirley Temples (free happy hour), glass elevators, and a really good breakfast. Grandpa travels a lot for work so he was happy to grant the Lambs wish. We really like Embassy Suites!
Lamb 3 in the hotel lobby
We were up early enough on the second day and not in a big hurry to get anywhere, so we had some time after breakfast to "play" in the hotel lobby while we waited for Grandpa and Grandpa to be ready. The Lambs enjoyed this every day, but we had the most time on day 2.

Lamb 1 in the hotel lobby

3 Lambs at the hotel

Lamb 2, the birthday boy at Great Grandma's!
The second day of our vacation was Lamb 2's birthday. We went to the grocery store for a meat/cheese/cracker tray, veggies and dip, fresh fruit, a few salads, and of course cupcakes and ice cream. Then we went to Great Grandma's house.

Great Uncle Kurt and Great Aunt Shelly brought the party entertainment supplies-lots of bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Shelly's daughter Kirsten brought her two daughters. Here's Bailey with Kurt and Shelly. My boys were so excited that Bailey came to Lamb 2's party and she even was dressed properly for a girl-a dress and tights! She was adorable and the only child that was willing to wear a Thomas the train hat. Lamb 2 has never had children at his birthday party before besides his brothers so he was pretty excited.

Lamb 2 and 3 doing sidewalk chalk
We decorated all the sidewalks in the backyard and Great Grandma had the gardener clean it up the next day so we had fresh sidewalk to do some more!

Taylor was about a month old. She was content to nurse and then be held by about anyone. I was glad to hold a baby girl for a few minutes. I give Kirsten a lot of credit for getting two kids ready and driving over to the party by herself (hubby was at work).

We bought two kinds of mini cupcakes so the Lambs could each have 2 without getting too much sugar. I didn't edit this photo, because I wanted you to notice Kirsten's cute "Hooter Hider". Taylor ate her own lunch while we sang "Happy Birthday" to Lamb 2. We didn't know that Kirsten's babies are sensitive to dairy. We would have known what to buy that was dairy free if we would have known. Kirsten was tempted, but she was a good Mama and didn't cheat.

Then we opened presents. Here's Lamb 2 with a fancy bubble blowing machine from Great-Grandma. We gave one to Bailey and kept two. The Lambs loved playing with these. There were just a few presents to open because the rest of Lamb 2's presents were at home.

After presents, we sang "Jesus Loves Me" for Great-Grandma. Lamb 1 didn't want to sing, but Lamb 2 sang well.

Lamb 1 at the hotel Happy Hour
We tried to go back to the hotel for some rest time after the party, but the Lambs were pretty wound up and didn't rest. This was the one day we went to Happy Hour and the Lambs got their free Shirley Temples. Then we went out for supper to an great Indian restaurant that we could walk to from the hotel.
After supper, my cousin on my dad's side, Dawn, brought her family over to the hotel. We took some pictures, but unfortunately my camera didn't work. Hopefully some day I can get Dawn's photos. Dawn is a little older than me with kids much older than our Lambs. I've only seen her a few times so it was a treat to get together. I think we could have talked all night, but her kids were pretty bored and our Lambs needed to get to bed. Lamb 1 actually was so tired that after a few minutes of meeting them, he went in the other room of our suite and went to bed. The other two Lambs didn't go to sleep until after they left about 10pm (which was midnight our time). But we were able to chat for a few hours. It was so nice of her to drive over to see us!

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