Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mama's mistake

Our tri-parish doesn't have VBS. They are welcome to join one of the neighboring LCMS churches for VBS. Ram is asked to help at one church where most of our member's children go for VBS. That church has a family come and lead the VBS. The Lambs didn't like it the one year we went-EVERYTHING was different-VBS songs, games, etc. and many more children than our small Sunday School. It was just too overwhelming for them. The last few years Ram has gone to one church to help and I have taken the Lambs to another church. The Lambs preferred the more traditional VBS with some VBS songs and some hymns, smaller classes, and lots of art time. I prefer the CPH curriculum over this family's curriculum. The class was small enough that if they wanted to do art a little longer and miss a little music, that was ok. They weren't allowed to do that at the other VBS-it was just too big of a VBS to allow that. This is important for our Lambs that don't go to a traditional school and don't understand the time limits that a classroom has. Last night I had Ram send an e-mail to register the Lambs for VBS next week. We got an e-mail back that VBS was THIS week. Oops! I just assumed it would be the same as the other church. I bet the other church had to do it when the family that runs VBS was available. I didn't even think to ask or register them ahead of time. So the Lambs missed at least half of VBS because of my mistake. I'll ask the Lambs if they want to go to the last two days of VBS or go to the VBS that Papa goes to or just skip VBS this year. I have to say that I'm not going to be disappointed if they choose skipping VBS this year-it makes a week of a crazy schedule with getting supper ready on time, getting home and to bed late, and needing to have laundry done for everyone to go to VBS every day instead of just wearing play clothes around the house. And when Ram goes a different direction than us every night, it's even worse. I do feel bad that they missed VBS this year though.

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kimberley said...

is vbs early in general this year? our church holds vbs in august, but school doesn't let out until the very last week of june up here in the great white north...i wonder if that makes a difference?