Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lamb 1!-UPDATED

Lamb 1's birthday began last night when Aunt Hannah called from South Korea. It was his birthday there so she let him open her presents. He received  an "I Spy" type of Korean book and a yellow alarm clock. In this pile of presents from Grandma, there was one present for the other 4 of us so we didn't feel left out.

Lamb 1 asked for this Lego airport for Christmas, but we asked a little too late and it was a pretty big present to receive for Christmas. Grandpa and Grandma totally spoiled him with this gift that he was to open last. He said, "This is the best present I ever received!" He opened presents a little before 9 am and he has been busy building the airport all day. Ram is helping him, but he is doing very well on his own when Ram has to help the other Lambs play with the other new toys that Lamb 1 received.

When we got up this morning, Lamb 1 and 2 made monkey bread. Lamb 1 learned about this at his cooking class last week and requested it for breakfast. Totally sticky, gooey, sugar, yummy treat that was gone in about 5 minutes. Now Ram has requested this for his birthday breakfast too.
Ram helped Lamb 1 and I was surprised that he had everything for the airport together in a couple of hours. I thought he would do a few parts today and finish tomorrow or Monday. Silly Ewe-this was the best present he's ever received, he HAD to put it all together today! From the time he opened this until he went to bed with the exception of eating meals, he was either putting it together or playing with it. The set was 703 pieces!
We made the cupcakes yesterday. I tried a new recipe and I'll probably never make those cupcakes again, but the frosting was so good they were edible. Lamb 1 requested white cupcakes with green frosting. I came up with the idea for the #7 flags. I think I started something and I'll have to make #3 and #5 and perhaps even #36 flags for the next couple of months.
Homemade pizza for supper
Lamb 1 wanted to play his homemade guitar while we sang "Happy Birthday".  I guess it makes sense because the birthday boy can't really sing for himself. We had cupcakes and homemade vanilla ice cream. Ram's parents called to wish Lamb 1 Happy Birthday as we were finishing. Then it was baths and stories and get ready for bed.

This photo is supposed to be after the monkey bread photo, but when I updated this post, Blogger decided to put the photo here. Yesterday all 3 Lambs helped me make Texas Caviar. We were out of black eyed peas and a few other things so I planned to send all three Lambs to the store today with Ram and get a few minutes alone. Lamb 1 didn't want to leave his Legos so he stayed home while the other two Lambs went. I think the days where the Lambs fight over whose turn it is to go with Ram or Ewe to the town 7 miles away are gone! Lamb 1 did very well building the airplane by himself while they were gone. We also had our oranges and grapefruit sold by 4-H delivered. Lunch was delicious-TX Caviar and oranges.

I think Lamb 1 was pleased with today. He is usually quiet and serious even on days like today. So it was pretty impressive that he said that the airport was his favorite present ever. He said that several times today, not just after he opened it. Now we have about a month before Lamb 3's birthday.

I finally updated the photos of the Lambs on the side of my blog too. Those photos were not updated for about 2 years!


Helpful Teacher said...

Happy Birthday, Lamb 1!

MooreMama said...

LOVE Texas Caviar! Everyone I know makes it a little bit differently, though. Would you care to share your recipe?

Anonymous said...

My 8 year old really wanted the lego city airplane for Christmas. He didn't get it, but he was blessed with lots of Lego's. Now he uses all of his pieces to make his own. Even though they are expensive, they keep the imagination going for a long time.

Carrie said...

My boys have the LEGO City Fire Station, Police Headquarters, and the airplane. Amongst many other LEGO sets...they LOVE them. Such a great toy for young boys.