Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I'm sorry I didn't post this until now. We had church on Wednesday night and the Lambs had an activity in the evening on Saint Patrick's Day, so we celebrated early on Tuesday.
The Lambs made these at ECFE last year. I put them up right away. When I was taking down Christmas decorations I thought about taking these down. Then I decided it was too soon until Saint Patrick's Day. Perhaps I should take them down now? They are by our back door, where visitors usually enter our house. Last March (and this March) the house was decorated well!

Ram's mom gave us this dish with this Irish Soda Bread recipe on it. I had to try it for Saint Patrick's Day!

The bread was delicious, but after some searching on the internet, I found out this isn't Irish or Soda Bread! It is more like Native American bread with raisins in it. Irish never would have used raisins and especially not during Lent.

DakotaPam's Irish Stew recipe, with all beef because Lamb is impossible to get locally unless you have a friend that raises Lamb or if you would plan WAY ahead of time.

On Saint Patrick's Day we read some books about Saint Patrick and I learned a few facts too.

We had a great celebration on Tuesday!

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