Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Family Update

Ewe: 12 injections down: 476 to go
Slight nausea. Hooray!
Working hard to declutter-in the meantime the house is more messy as I work on decluttering projects.
Ram: Bought himself new shoes for every day shoes for an early birthday present. Doing his first premarital counseling as a pastor and looking forward to performing his second wedding. Baked peanut butter chocolate chip recipes (thanks for the recipe agnusdei1996!) tonight for a treat for us.
Lamb 1: Needs more dental work done. The last visit there were a few teeth they were going to watch and hope they didn't get any worse. He needs 2 caps and possibly 3. Grr! We really do brush and floss regularly.
We've had a busy schedule the last few weeks. We have been a little more unschooly than classical school. Lamb 1 has spent a lot of time with Legos on his own. Ewe is looking forward to getting back on schedule for school, but Lamb 1 is not.
Lamb 2: Begins speech at the school on Friday. It took almost 2 months to test and do paperwork to satisfy the state. He qualified with a score of 65 in articulation and you need less than 70. Passed the rest of the test (vocabulary, grammar, etc.) as above average.
Lamb 3: Will be 3 on Saturday. He enjoyed wearing his "Warning: I am two." shirt today. Finally answered what he wants for his birthday meals. Brunch: pancakes and sausage. Supper: Pizza and chocolate cake. We may need to be a little creative because our church has a wedding on Saturday so we will probably celebrate on Sunday. His box of presents from Grandma has been here for a while tempting all the Lambs.
Lamb 4: Doing well, looking forward to our first prenatal appointment soon (heparin appointments don't count!).


Joelle said...

yea for a new open window for comments :)

I've heard that some people are just predisposed to cavities because of softer enamel and a more acidic mouth - but maybe that isn't really true. Just a thought.

Glad there is a wedding at your church! Fun! Glad everyone seems to be doing well overall. Praying for you!

Katy said...

Joelle, I have heard that about teeth, too. I will pray for Lamb 1. I had three caps (at once) set when I was about 22. It was the worst pain, ever. Worse than wisdom teeth out, worse than labor and delivery. Hopefully it's easier on kids than adults!

(I found you via CSPP and lurk often :)