Friday, March 11, 2011

Being a rural pastor's wife post #28

I know that I have talked about shopping local before, but I went grocery shopping today in the town 7 miles away and I was reminded of this.

Pros to shopping at the local grocery store
*Drive up and high school age boy puts groceries IN your car-much appreciated when you have young children! And if you decline drive up they will often send that boy to walk out to your car with you when they see you have young children with you.
*Much easier to find items in the small local store than in a big store. Store workers will help you if you ask.
*Don't have to pay for gas for a long trip to a store.
*MUCH less hassle to go shopping and come home and unload your groceries-no need to worry about keeping things cold or unload a whole car full of stuff from shopping or take stuff to entertain Lambs in car, etc.
*Sometimes have items that are difficult to find at bigger grocery stores
*Have the best glazed donuts and this former Dunkin Donuts employee is picky!

Cons to shopping at the local grocery store
*More expensive
*Except for in the summer, the produce section is the best they can do when things have to be trucked out here-worst in the winter when weather may hold up trucks to the local store.
*When they run out of an item, there is no other store to stop at-you wait until next week when they get the next shipment in and hope that it is in the next shipment-especially frustrating when they are out of an item on sale.

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