Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not in the plans

A couple of Loopers gave me directions and this idea. Last Sunday we made butterflies out of tissue paper and clothespins. The butterflies had the word "Alleluia" on them. One Looper helped with directions to make the butterflies.
Today was the big day that it was planned to have a children's sermon in church, bury the butterflies and Alleluias before Lent. Then the congregation was to sing LSB 417 and sing lots of Alleluias one more time before Lent. It took some planning on Ram's part to figure this all out because we don't have LSB at the church that has Sunday School with young kids in it. We found out the words were in public domain and another familiar tune that was also in the public domain that would work with it. I am so thankful for Loopers to help us with this as Ram doesn't have music experience.
But...this morning Lamb 1 came in our room at 5am and said he felt sick. Lamb 1 never comes in our room so I assumed he was really sick. He didn't have a temperature and he never actually threw up. Last night my stomach was upset and I assumed I had eaten too much sugar and junk food on Lamb 1's birthday. I wondered if maybe both of us had a bug. I called the Sunday School teacher and told her we wouldn't be coming today.
Ram was going to try to do the object lesson with the other kids. Unfortunately our boys make up half of the Sunday School. There is only one other family with kids unless there were visitors at church. Our Lambs made the butterflies but had no idea what we were going to do with them. They won't really get the butterflies being "released" on Easter because they weren't there to bury them. Lamb 1 played with his brothers all this morning and never got sick. Oh well, there's always next year.
This week I will try to return to the rural pastor's wife series for a few more posts.

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Cheryl said...

"They won't really get the butterflies being 'released' on Easter because they weren't there to bury them."

Could you maybe make a trip to church later this week when everyone is well and bury the butterflies yourself? Our chest with all the butterflies remains in the chancel throughout Lent so if that happened to us that's probably what I would do. I bet your pastor wouldn't mind. :-)