Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Poetry Memorization

A Looper sold me a used copy of Linguistic Development Through Poetry Memorization after all her children graduated from her homeschool. Even though it was used it was expensive and the new copies are even more. I bought it because I was looking for more CDs to play at bedtime (we aren't high tech for more than CDs) for the Lambs. I have been playing it at bedtime and working on about one poem a week with them. At the beginning Lamb 3 loved saying Ooey Gooey. After the Party by William Wise took a little longer for the Lambs to learn because each verse is very similar to the verse before. When they had learned that, I announced the next poem we were going to work on was Singing Time by Robert Louis Stevenson. As soon as I announced the title, Lamb 2 recited the entire poem from memory. He learned this from just listening to the CD a few times at bedtime! Lamb 1 was frustrated because he didn't know it without working on it. It was a short poem and Lamb 1 quickly learned it.
I know this program is expensive, but I would highly recommend it. I look forward to the Lambs learning  poems this way. I plan to work on one level for awhile (there are 4 levels) and then return to the Harp and the Laurel Wreath memorizing out of there and occasionally add in Psalms and longer Bible passages.
When I allow them to pick poetry at bedtime, they do not pick these "school poems". I think as they learn more and more poems they will pick this CD as they will be hearing the ones they memorized already. If not, then I will continue to pick it some nights and not give them a choice. We have also played it in the car on busy "school" days where I didn't have time to work on poetry with the Lambs but they still worked on memorizing poetry those days.

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