Saturday, March 12, 2011

Being a rural pastor's wife post #29

Today I want to blog about something that I knew before I started this series, but the comments left here reinforced it for me.

Everyone's situation is different. You may be a rural pastor's wife that lives in:
*a small town
*with no neighbors
*a little larger town but still in a rural area

Where you live may be:
*near another small town
*near several other small towns
*near a large town
*in a rural area but not far from a big city
*truly out in the middle of nowhere

Your comfort level living in a rural place may be influenced by where you grew up and where you lived before you moved to the rural area.

If I was to pick my dream area, I would pick a rural area not far from a big city. But I'm not able to pick where we live, our family lives where my husband has been Called to be the pastor. God's plan is for us to live here now so that my husband can be the pastor for the saints in this rural area. Thinking of that makes this the perfect place now for our family to live.

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